Arcade Restoration

Defender Build


I built a Defender tribute machine using a Zaxxon cabinet that had been hollowed out (all components removed) before I acquired it. I designed the control panel layout, and adapted the original graphics to the new layout using Adobe Illustrator. The machine runs on Intel x86 architecture. In my insistence on remaining as faithful as possible to the original arcade experience, I fitted the machine with working coin counters powered by a custom circuit I built, and the display was later upgraded to a Cathode Ray Tube in 2016. It was displayed during the TEDx Coral Gables 2015 event.

Custom RGB LED Control Panel Circuit


As part of an upgrade to a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga – Class Of 1981 machine, I designed and built a custom RGB LED control panel circuit powered by Arduino (ATmega328P) architecture, programmed in C. I created the control panel graphics by modifying the original design to fit the new control layout. The panel supports arbitrary and dynamic color assignment to five buttons plus a trackball unit using Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM). The system also supports multiple color animations, and has a fully-featured interaction menu via the three central buttons on the control panel. The menu allows for parameters to be changed during use, such as LED intensity, cycling speed, cycling direction, animation selection, among other things.


Build photos

Vintage Restoration

I have acquired and restored several vintage arcade machines, with the goal of keeping the systems as close to their original state as possible (this includes rebuilding Cathode-Ray Tube chassis and avoiding LCD replacements, as well as repairing game logic boards instead of using multi-game or emulation chips, etc.)

Sebastian Bartlett Fernandez